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Le Quartier Français visits Italy

Neil, Annemarie and I were invited, by South African Tourism, to give the South African pavilion – at the TTG Plus Sudafrika workshop in Rimini – a South African flavour. We left SA with our suitcases stuffed full of Neil’s charcuterie, and other ingredients, so we could turn Italian ostrich neck into beautiful tortellini with a SA twist. Our tortellini, and other dishes, will all be experienced this weekend. Which is very exciting!

Yes it was long trip – but it was definitely worth it especially considering that the end result was us cooking in Italy – it was also a trip full of comical delays.

Comical Delay 1:

When we boarded the plane we all got as comfortable as we could, in our airline seats, and waited for take off … and we waited … and we waited … and nothing seemed to happen. We were heavily delayed thanks to Student Lucia from Sicily.

Student Lucia from Sicily:

With no money, and on a rebate ticket, she managed to book her luggage in and then get lost at OR Tambo.

After a fair amount of waiting, her luggage was taken off the plane, the stairs were wheeled away and it looked like our Italian cooking adventure was finally going to begin. But no! Poor student Lucia from Sicily, with no money and a rebate ticket, found the plane and clearly begged for forgiveness (or what ever else it is they do in Sicily). The stairs were wheeled back, her suitcase re-loaded and – an hour after boarding had officially closed – Student Lucia from Sicily, with no money and a rebate ticket, sat down in 56G.

Pretty funny, but only if you do not have a connecting flight to catch.

Comical Delay 2:

The five of us – hilariously – did have a connecting flight to catch and we made it, if only just! Escorted through the belly of Frankfurt airport, by a very serious looking German, we were worried that they’d sniffed the lovely lamb ham in our luggage and were whisking us off for severe (and very serious) interrogation. But we needn’t have worried because our luggage, and the lovely lamb ham, would – thanks to Student Lucia from Sicily -never make it in time for our plane to Milan.

After all the delays, luggage missing, connecting flights almost missed and more delays (while waiting for our luggage and lovely lamb ham to arrive) I’d like to say a big thank you to Student Lucia from Sicily. It looks like you had a fabulous time in our wonderful South Africa; and we certainly hope to go home with equally impressive stories about friendly service and accommodating people after our visit to your country.

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