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Eating at Vite

Our dinner – at Vite il ristorante di San Patrignano – was amazing; a fantastic meal in the most terrific venue. All the ingredients used, in the five course we were treated to, came from the community – the meat, the vegetables, the cheese, the mother yeast, the honey, the olive oil and the wine are all produced on the property.

Our starters included white Italian rice, smoked cheese, smoked “Mora” (a type of small pig) and a wine reduction for the farm wines. This was followed by a trio of meat: lamb (clearly not south African), guinea fowl (delicious) and more “Mora” (which was absolutely spectacular). Caramelised figs – from the farm – with three cheeses: a Pecorino, a plain and a classic; then the same cheeses aged in wooden wine-casks with hay, flowers, grass and then a Tale Gio (soft cows milk). Dessert was a pomegranate sauve with a pear cake and ice cream made from the skin of the cocoa bean.

And if dinner wasn’t mind-blowing enough they also have the most breathtaking wine cellar with a selection boasting: Château Margaux, 1900 Porto, magnums of Krug and more.

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