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Wine Watch: Barista Coffee Pinotage

I love wine. I love sniffing it, I love drinking it, I love putting together my own tasting notes … as I said: I love wine!

In fact, five years ago, I made some of my own wine. Two barrels of a Petit Verdot called Solo; but that’s another exciting story for another exceptional day.

Today I’m going to talk about Winex, which I recently visited.

It’s usually on the top of the industry to-do list (because that’s what we, in the industry, do – we go to shows and taste) but – when the time comes to actually go – I can think of at least a hundred excuses not to. These include but aren’t limited to: it’s too far do drive, it’s too big a show, it’s too busy a show, it’s too much for one night of tasting etc. This year, however, Winex was a last minute decision – one I couldn’t avoid because I had someone to go with which meant I didn’t have to drive – my best excuses were useless!

This year one wine, Barista, really got the better of my curiosity. Barista is Bertus Fourie’s new Pinotage offering and definitely spiked some interest. Bertus (also known as Starbucks) really made his name with the famous Chocolate and Coffee Diemersfontein Pinotage; and it’s great to see him still adding sexiness to this previously maligned cultivar.

I found the Barista offering intriguing – even before I’d tasted it. Both the name and the label effectively align this Pinotage with the concept of a Barista (someone who has an exceptional level of skill when it comes to espresso-based coffee drinks).

Then there is Barista’s aroma and palate. Barista was packed full of those coffee, mocha, espresso aromas and – possibly – a little too much wood for me, but still delicious. The flavours were ripe mulberry, plum and most noticeably coffee.

This is not one of those jammy-type Pinotages. It doesn’t have to be chilled to enjoy and while I was tasting it I kept thinking how delicious it would be with a warthog dish or a souvide lamb neck. For lack of a better word, YUM!

Image courtesy of www.baristawine.co.za

Image courtesy of www.baristawine.co.za

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  1. Sevarian says:

    Yummy! This post is just mouth-watering! I can taste the plums and mulberries. Take me with next time!

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