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Why Le Quartier Français is blogging

This blog has been a work in progress for well over a year. At first it was an infrequent topic of conversation – something to show that this over 50 was still in-the-loop when it came to online – then, as is so often the case, it became a frequent topic of conversation.

Over the course of this year it became clear that blogging offered us, at Le Quartier Français, the opportunity to share our behind-the-scenes magic and experiences with our friends, fans and any other interested readers that we hadn’t (yet) met in person. Here we are able to post three times a week on topics ranging from food to travel, and everyone who reads (or comments) does so because they want to; rather than because we’ve clogged up their email with plump messages. Blogging enables us to share more, with you, while still keeping our tapas style email and newsletters delicious and snacky.

There is so much that happens at Le Quartier Français – some of it great, some of it hilarious and some of it so far beyond our control that it successfully keeps us human and humble. This is the stuff that we’ll be sharing here. We’ll endeavour to keep our content interesting, insightful and unique – so, rest assured, it won’t just be rehashed magazine articles.

We’ve very excited about the Le Quartier Français blog and we hope to see you, in the comments section, soon.

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2 Responses to “Why Le Quartier Français is blogging”

  1. Chris says:

    Your photograph(s) are not showing

  2. Sue Huxter says:

    Thanks Chris. We’re looking into that issue right now.

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