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The Culinary Concierge

At Le Quartier Français we evolve, move forward and pride ourselves on thinking out of the box. We tweak, add and remove aspects of our offering; keeping it fresh and exciting.

After months of brain-storming we have come up with a new (and we think very exciting) concept – our Culinary Concierge program – where we offer participants the opportunity to take part in unique and inspiring culinary experiences.

Annemarie Steenkamp, my former Sous Chef (in the Tasting Room), proved to be the perfect chef to lead our Culinary Concierge program. Her role includes leading guests on culinary excursions, teaching them aspects of what we do and how we do it and introducing them to the Franschhoek Valley and its many delights.

Annemarie and I have designed a series of interesting, and unusual, hands-on cooking courses and experiences that are showcased on our culinary concierge set menu.

Shorter get-togethers will be introduced soon. These will include tastings, appreciations and comparisons of anything from salt, coffee and olive oil to buchu and Pinotage. These – shorter get-togethers – form part of our regularly changing culinary concierge à la carte menu.

We plan on introducing personalised culinary adventures – perfect for those wanting something more exclusive – later in the year.

The Culinary Concierge program is not just about learning new cooking techniques, it’s about leading participants on unforgettable and inspiring culinary adventures; ones that they will still talk about 20 years from now.

The ultimate tart.

The ultimate tart; created during the Dessert Me course. Image courtesy of Sarah Blake: www.littlepinchofsalt.com

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6 Responses to “The Culinary Concierge”

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  2. Rosie says:

    That chocolate tart looks amazing and the whole culinary concierge thing sounds awesome. I will definitely be heading out your way to take part in something!

  3. Margot Janse says:

    Rosie the chocolate tart tastes as amazing as it looks; not too sweet and just rich enough. Hopefully we’ll see you out our way in the not too distant future. If you’d like to find out what dates our various Culinary Concierge programs are running on just visit our Culinary Concierge page: http://www.lqf.co.za/cuisine/culinary-concierge.

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