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New Rooms at Le Quartier Français

If you receive our newsletter you’ll already know that we’ve upgraded five of our Luxury Auberge Rooms. Three of these are now Grande Rooms and the remaining two are our Petite Garden Suites.

In typical Le Quartier Français fashion these rooms have been individually decorated. We’re a small boutique hotel and this means that we don’t have to be uniform in our approach to décor which is both exciting and challenging. It’s harder than you think to be unique. But if you like the sound of an exquisite, refreshing and individual room or suite then we’re definitely the place for you.

In the new Grande Rooms and Petite Garden Suites we’ve used beautiful fabrics – luxurious silks, textured weaves and fresh cottons – to create a rich, almost sensual, experience for guests. The furniture is tasteful, not overwhelming and most importantly it is so comfortable that guests will invent reasons to stay put.

We’ve modernised the bathrooms and, over and above all the expected five star fittings and amenities, we’ve included some terrific soft-touches.

At Le Quartier we aim to create a well-rounded experience – one that interacts with all the senses – and our new room additions definitely add another memorable element to our story.

If you click on any of the individually cropped-photos below they enlarge and give you a much better idea of what to expect.

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