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Mrs Ndaba’s Friday

We’re very big on community improvement and upliftment. We believe that giving back, supporting and teaching in the local community are core to our success. We have developed our own in-house training program, we invest in our surrounding society and recently we’ve added Mrs Ndaba Friday’s to our Culinary Concierge program.

Mrs Ndaba – who we also mentioned in our previous newsletter – is an amazing woman. She’s 68 years old and she – without any assistance or funding – has started this daycare for toddlers. She now looks after 65 children unaided. Unbelievable!

Every Friday we, with the help of our Culinary Concierge guests, bake nutrient rich muffins (which were designed, with a dietician, specifically for Mrs Ndaba and her children) and then deliver them. It’s an incredibly rewarding process because it truly feels great to do something good for another person.

So far those that have participated in Mrs Ndaba’s Friday have given back far more than just their time and muffins. One individual purchased Mrs Ndaba’s Tuesdays for a whole year! This means that Mrs Ndaba’s children will have a guaranteed meal on both Fridays and Tuesdays. Our end goal is to ensure these children have a meal everyday of the week and, with some help from some very generous people, we hopeful that we’ll get there.

If you want to be part of this, or you’re looking for something that adds a little perspective and joy to your life, join us for a Mrs Ndaba Friday.

Mrs Ndaba and Mr Tuesday.

Mrs Ndaba and Mr Tuesday.

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10 Responses to “Mrs Ndaba’s Friday”

  1. Jack says:

    …another example of the humanity driving Le Quartier Francais. Not simply hospitlaity professionals, but community leaders, with heart and soul, who enrich their own lives by enriching those of the less fortunate. Ideal role models for their staff, associates and neighbours. If only we all did as much – how this society and country could evolve!

  2. Jack thank you for the kind words. We never expected to receive such a wonderful comment! Wow I’m lost for words. So I’m just going to thank you again.

    Maybe you’ll come join us for a Mrs Ndaba Friday one of these days?

  3. Linda Gilchrist says:

    Linda, we are so proud of you and all you are doing! Just know that your Mum is sooo very proud of you too!! Love you lots, Ian and Linda Gilchrist. XXxxXX

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