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Le Quartier Français is heading to the USA

In a little over a week I’m heading off to the USA. One of the major reasons behind this adventure is to visit Le Quartier Français friends, contacts and a few of our former employees. What can I say, we love keeping in touch!

Another reason, for this trip, is to give me the opportunity to investigate trends in the USA hotel and restaurant world. This promises to be very exciting as there are some restaurants, in the USA, that are doing to most spectacular theatrical things with food!

These types of trips are important because I believe that a huge component – in the continued success of our hotel (like any other business) – is relationships. Not just the development of new relationships but also the maintenance and growth of our existing relationships.

In developing and maintaining these relationships we work on keeping things interesting for all concerned. As Margot mentioned, in her post about our new Culinary Concierge program, we’re constantly evolving. And this evolution keeps things exciting for everyone, including ourselves.

We always try visit with something new, an exciting addition to the Le Quartier offering. Just because it’s new doesn’t mean it has to be huge; it can be as simple as a menu change or a room update. It just needs to show that as a destination, and an experience, we’re still exciting – we’re still growing and changing.

This year we’ll be visiting with our two new rooms categories: the Grande Rooms and the Petite Garden Suites; a redone Tasting Room, a new Tasting Room menu and the Culinary Concierge. Yes, it promises to be a very exciting expedition indeed!

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