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Bellingham Bernard Series Wines

Bellingham have just released their The Bernard Series and I was lucky enough to be led through a full tasting by, none other than, Niël. What an honour!

I tried the whole range and every one is unique and, for lack of more formal terminology, very yummy. The Bernard Series is real food wine; which is such a pleasure and something I hope more wine farms start working into their offerings.

Obviously I had to have a favourite, and my favourite is their Oaked Sauvignon Blanc – Two Thousand & Seven. They actually write out the vintage and I think that this just adds to the label’s overall class. I unfortunately couldn’t find a picture of my favourite so I’ve used the Bernard Series Viognier bottleshot instead. This should give you an idea what to expect from a packaging point of view.

The Bernard Series Sauvignon Blanc grapes are all from one of the oldest single bush vine vineyard blocks, which is situated in Darling.

The first whiff – of the Bernard Series Oaked Sauvignon Blanc – made me go back for a second and third. I really could not get enough of the nose! All grilled asparagus, just like Margot prepares on the braai for us to enjoy our days off. Delicious!

The Bernard Series Oaked Sauvignon Blanc has been in the barrel for a year and the bottle for an additional year. So – hopefully – you can imagine the intense mouth feel, with layer upon layer of fruit and just a subtle touch of vanilla.

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  1. Henriette Moir says:

    cant wait to taste…all the wording just makes it sounds yummy!

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